24 hour Tow Service

At California Collision, we offer expert auto repair services. We also offer 24 hour tow services. 

24 Hours

If you are unable to drive your vehicle to our shop due to auto damage, we are available at any hour to tow your car to us. With our 24 hour towing service, we will bring your vehicle directly to our shop. Once in the shop, we will work with you to make a plan for any required repairs.

Drop Box

For your convenience, we offer a secure key drop box located right outside of our door. When you need to drop off your keys, you may be able to do so without even coming inside. Simply leave your keys in the drop box and a service technician will retrieve them. Once we are able to open your vehicle, we can perform necessary repairs as safely and quickly as possible. 

To access our 24 hour towing service, call us at 925-846-1870. Our fleet and dispatch service are available to you any time, night or day.

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