Upholstery Restoration

We spend lots of time in our cars. Driving can add up to spending hours of each day in your car. All of that time can equal wear and tear. When your car’s upholstery begins to show wear and tear, it’s important to restore it. This will extend the life of your upholstery and will contribute to making your driving experience more pleasant and enjoyable.


Interior upholstery comes in many different materials. Our team of service technicians are experienced in restoring all kinds of upholstery. Whether leather or synthetic, we have the expertise and tools required. We can restore seats, floor mats, trunk interiors, and more. 


Our team will use various solutions and techniques to restore your upholstery; vacuuming, shampooing, applying cleaning agents, and scrubbing until your car’s interior is fully restored.

Whether leather or cloth, you can depend on us to restore the interior of your vehicle to its finest condition. 

If your car is coming in for a separate service, you may be able to schedule an upholstery restoration service, as well. Contact us for more information about pricing and scheduling. We look forward to serving you.

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