Frame Straightening

If your car is involved in a collision, it may need frame straightening to restore it to a safe, drivable condition. At California Collision, we provide frame straightening. Our top of the line technology and expertly qualified collision repair technicians can help you get your car back in shape so that it’s safe for you to drive.

Car Frame

The frame of your car is important. It acts as the underpinning structure of your entire vehicle. Often, when a vehicle is involved in an automobile collision, the frame is bent or twisted to some degree. If the frame is compromised, it needs to be repaired before your car can be safely driven again. In order for your car to be properly aligned, its frame must be straightened and, in some cases, reinforced.


Along with frame straightening, we offer additional collision repair including frame reinforcement. Sometimes, when a frame is twisted, it is weakened in the process. In order to restore structural integrity to your vehicle, weak spots in the frame may need to be identified and reinforced. Frame reinforcement can be done by welding and adding supports. Our technicians will work to restore your vehicle so that you can get back on the road as quickly as safely possible. 

We are proud to offer shuttle service for your convenience while your automobile is in our care. California Collision is always glad to work with your auto insurance agency if a claim is involved.

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