Dent repair is one of the major dilemmas most drivers face. There are different ways to remove car dents (DIY dent repair kits, paintless dent repair, and traditional dent repair) and deciding which one to use on your vehicle can be quite difficult.

Going DIY can save you money, but there’s always the danger of doing the process incorrectly and damaging your car more.

With traditional dent repair, technicians will perform various processes (sanding, bonding, and repainting) on your car to restore its original shape. This route often takes longer and costs more but it’s very effective.

Then, there’s paintless dent repair which involves high-tech tools to repair dents without taking a lot of time. Since it’s used on parts where there’s no paint damage, it’s also the cheaper option. Below are the reasons why this method won’t always work for you:

1. It’s not suitable for all kinds of dents.

One of the main downsides from getting paintless dent repair is that it cannot remove all types of dents or dings. This method usually involves pounding or pulling a dent out to restore your car’s shape. However, there are instances when a compound is required to fill in dents and dings caused by hail damage instead of being pulled out.

If this is the case with your vehicle’s dents, then paintless dent repair is not the smartest option. Additionally, it won’t work if the damage cannot be reached by the technician’s hands or tools.

2. There’s no assurance that your paint won’t get damaged during the process.

Low Cost Dent Repair Isn't a Good IdeaAnother disadvantage of paintless dent repair is the uncertainty that comes with the process. There is no guarantee that your body paint will not be scraped, scratched, or start to peel when the dent is being removed. In case this happens, the dented area will have to be repainted once the dent is pounded or pulled out. It also means you’ll end up paying more for the added services.

3. It cannot be used on plastic panels.

Paintless dent repair can only be done on metal parts of your vehicle. It means any damage to bumpers or panels that are made of plastic cannot be removed through this method. In case you need dent repair for plastic parts, you would need a plastic welding service done by a certified technician.

Get Professional Dent Repair for Your Car

When you have a dent – or several – in your vehicle, it can at times be tempting to fix the damage yourself. After all, it’s considerably cheaper than going to an auto body shop for dent repair. However, just because there are dent removal kits available in the market, it doesn’t necessarily mean pulling out those dents on your own is a good idea. You might think you’re saving a lot but – again – doing so could actually cost you more if done incorrectly.

For dent repairs, always trust the professionals. They have the right tools and equipment, as well as training and expertise to make sure your car looks good as new before you take it back out on the road.