Auto body repair shops are just like any other business – if you are not satisfied with their estimate or diagnosis, you can always get a second opinion. Unfortunately, most car owners fail to realize that they should not feel pressured into accepting a technician’s quote and opinion.

It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion from another reliable company so you can move forward with the repair process in confidence. Given that, here are 3 signs you need to get a second opinion on your auto body repair estimate.

1. Odd Vibration or Sound Means High Price

If there’s an odd vibration or strange sound coming from your vehicle and the first recommendation you get points to a high price for repair, don’t take it immediately. Why? Because newer vehicle models are a lot like our bodies – there can be a myriad of possible causes for a single issue. It depends on the year, model, make, and condition of your car.

2. Replacement of Major Car Part

Signs You Need a Second Opinion on Your Auto Body Repair EstimateDid someone at an auto body repair shop suggest getting a new radiator? That’s not a car part that you can just replace like a side mirror or a simple accessory. That’s why it’s well worth your time to take your car to another shop to get a second opinion. The source of the problem could actually be something as small as a damaged temperature sensor, rather than the part itself.

In situations like this, getting a second opinion  can save you lots of money.

3. Repair Costs More than the Current Appraised Value of Vehicle

Carefully consider if a major replacement or repair is still worth it based on the value and age of your car. A reliable auto professional will never try to rip you off. Instead, he will be honest with you upfront and give you different alternatives to spending a lot of money on a repair that will not increase your car’s value.

One major rule of thumb is, if an auto body repair job is much higher than the current appraised value of a car, do not move forward with the repair. It may be wiser to just spend the money on a used but quality vehicle instead.

The key here is knowing how to compare auto body repair estimates. Read this for some tips!

Find a Trustworthy Auto Body Shop

Generally speaking, the relationship between a customer and their chosen auto body repair shop should be based on trust. Consider it like meeting with a physician. You wouldn’t be going back to the same doctor if they kept pushing medication on you without really looking at whether they help or not, or failed to respect any of your wishes.

In the same way, you shouldn’t feel pressured to leave your vehicle with an auto body shop that doesn’t respect you or your vehicle.

Even if you don’t see any red flags, getting a second opinion on your auto body repair estimate should always be an option. Not sure where to start looking? Word of mouth is often a good jump-off point. Ask a family member, friend, or co-worker who has had auto repairs done recently.

If you still can’t find any, Google is your best friend. But don’t go for the first one you see on your search results without searching for verified reviews about the company. Make sure the auto body shop has a good track record and reputation before seeking a second opinion on auto body repair from them.