Classic cars never fail to turn heads whenever they hit the streets. But just like any other old car, these vintage units often require a lot of work.

Visualize this: If your car is a new model, getting collision repair is easy. Just drop it off at any auto body shop, and you’ll have it back on the road in no time.

Classic cars, however, are different. You’ll need a shop with the right experience and resources to properly restore it.

Here are a few things you must know about collision repair for classic cars.

The Process of Collision Repair

Things to Know About Collision Repair for Classic CarsThe shop will start by examining your car and making an estimate for the repair costs. They’ll discuss the issues with you and give recommendations.

Next, they’ll go on with the repair process, which takes some time, especially if the shop needs to order hard-to-find car parts.

After completing all repairs, the shop will provide a comprehensive final report that sums up everything about the process. Always keep any paperwork that your insurance company may require for claims.

Frame Damage is Quite Common

About Collision Repair for Classic CarsModern cars have durable frames designed to crush at the ends to absorb impact force. The area under the cabin remains rigid once a collision occurs, keeping your vehicle from getting crushed.

For minor collisions, this isolates the car body’s center from the force at the ends of the frame. The good news is older vehicles use solid frame members with a similar structure and density from end to end. This means your classic car stays safe in the event of a minor impact.

These days, only trucks use body-on-frame designs. If your car frame gets damaged, don’t freak out as it’s normal. Auto body shops have a frame straightening machine that can bend the X-frame back into shape so you’ll no longer need extensive repair.

Collision Repair Brings Your Old Car Back to its Glory

Classic cars hold a special part in our memories, offering a driving experience like no other. But there’s no denying that car manufacturing has come a long way, making innovations that improved the modern cars we know today.

The same idea applies to collision repair. The process has now improved to match the quality standards of new vehicles. As a result, your classic car will have fewer paint flaws and more even panel gaps than what it had right off of the assembly line.

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Finding the Perfect Collision Repair Center for Your Needs

So, where do you find a reliable collision repair expert?

There are many ways to find the right auto body repair shop for you. For starters, consider getting recommendations from your fellow classic car enthusiasts. They can get you in touch with a trustworthy technician who will handle your car with utmost care.

You can also consult free online directories—see what people are saying about a shop you’re eyeing. Look for more information from classic car associations who can give you a list of their preferred shops.

Go with a company that offers impeccable customer service and high-quality results. By doing so, you’ll never have a problem with your classic car again.