Frame damage occurs in many vehicles quite often. It actually makes up around 50% of all car accidents. If the frame of your car gets damaged in a collision, you need the assistance of a trusted auto body repair expert.

Auto frame straightening is essential not only for restoring your car to its original state but also in terms of how it protects you. This process isn’t something you should neglect, as even low-speed collisions can lead to severe vehicle destruction.

Here are some of the auto body repair basics you need to know for a better understanding of how frame straightening works.

Frame Straightening Machine

Frame straightening is done using a machine that is made up of a platform that’s big enough to hold a vehicle. It should have sufficient space for an average-sized car, an SUV, or a pickup truck. The machine has two to three towers or posts that can be rotated 360 degrees and moved along the perimeter of the platform so technicians can work on various corners of the frame.

Modern frame straightening machines utilize sonic senders or line-of-sight lasers that are pre-programmed to assess a vehicle’s frame, and examine how much damage was sustained by the car. Using these diagnostics, technicians can easily determine if the car is still repairable. It also enables them to come up with a proper estimate of how long the repair should take–information that’s necessary to calculate the service cost.

This measuring equipment also makes sure that the repair process is completed correctly.

Frame Cutting

In most collision accidents, the auto body frame can be restored despite the damage. However, there are also instances when the car is seriously destroyed, so a process called “frame cutting” is required.

Frame cutting means technicians will cut out the damaged metal frame. Then, they will weld the metal and finish the process by replacing the old parts with new ones. Most experts consider this as one of the best methods to enhance the frame’s durability and safety after a collision accident.

Making Your Car Look New Again

Making Your Car Look New AgainGetting your car repaired is not just about improving function and lengthening lifespan–it is about making your prized possession look like new again.

Since the frame straightening process is computerized, you get a precise and detailed diagnosis that allows for an excellent final result. In fact, most frame straightening jobs are so impressive that even the most discerning auto body technician can’t tell the difference between the car’s appearance before and after the accident.

Why You Need Experts for Windshield Replacement, Frame Straightening, and Other Auto Body Services

Auto frame straightening should be done right after an accident to restore the form and reliability of your vehicle. Take note that this auto body repair service goes beyond repairing and repainting your car’s dings and dents, and those tasks usually call for experts.

In auto frame straightening, an expert technician also checks the severity of the damage to make sure there are no underlying issues that need to be fixed. If you don’t call for an expert, these underlying issues may not even be spotted, leading to potential problems in the future.

Are you looking for a high-quality auto body repair professional in Livermore, CA? Instead of handing over your car to the first body shop you see, always do your research first. Only trust highly-skilled, certified and experienced technicians so you have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is well-taken care of.