A lot of festivals and events still feature vintage car shows. Not all of them are dedicated to the oldies, but some are considered legendary for being top vintage car events. Here’s a quick review of some vintage car shows in California, including new arrivals that made big headlines. If you’ve been holding out to restore your classic, now’s the time to find the best auto body shop and opt for car restoration services so you can join in on the fun.

The Sacramento Autorama

This is one of the few iconic indoor car expos. It features over 500 vintage cars. The Sacramento Autorama’s unique vintage car show is held inside the Cal Expo Fairgrounds. They have newer entries as well, but, of course, it’s the truly vintage cars that draw thousands of people to this mega auto event every year. All vintage car enthusiasts joining the event have gone through exhaustive car restoration to make their precious wheels look as if time had frozen in place.

Rendezvous Back to Route 66 Car Show

If you want a real classic charm that’s dedicated to vintage style, Rendezvous Back to Route 66 Car Show is, without a doubt, a showstopper. Held on the historic Route 66 highway through San Bernardino, this annual gathering features classic cars from 1900-1974. Just like the oldies classic song goes, vintage enthusiasts can still get their kicks on Route 66.

The Grand National Roadster Show

Held each year in Oakland, the Grand National Roadster Show is home to the AMDR award. This is where one lucky vintage or custom dragster wins America’s Most Beautiful Roadster award. Many of these classics have had extensive car body shop work to make them unique and extraordinary. You’ll find hundreds of hot rods, old-style nitro cars, Gassers, and awesome custom-rebuilt classics of the 1940s to 1960s.

The California AutoFest

Held in Southern California at the Auto Club Speedway, The California AutoFest can offer up to 5000 vehicles of all kinds. A larger majority of these cars feature vintage and classic hot rods and roadsters. To many locals, this show is referred to as the ‘Mother of All Car Shows’ since the variety is a mix of classic and custom creations.

The Classic at Pismo Beach

Held every year at the attractive tourist hotspot in Pismo beach, this auto show is not to be missed. If you’re a fan of classic cars or an enthusiast that is crazy about custom rebuilds, The Classic at Pismo Beach is the event worth holding out for. What makes this event even more interesting is that many of these cars come from all over the world. You’ll get a history lesson of classic auto restoration stories, and enjoy the SoCal sunshine, too!

Car Restoration Services

Taking good care of a classic won’t ever be an easy task. That being said, you’ll want to start your car show preparation as early as possible. For car restoration services anywhere in the Tri-Valley Area, you can rely on California Collision. We have the best technicians equipped with skills and years of expertise to keep your car’s pristine condition. Call us at (925) 484-0111 for more information!