Finding a scratch on your car is disappointing and frustrating. Fortunately, not all scratches require sanding and a new coat of paint. Here is a car scratch repair guide that can be handy for accidents and emergency repairs.

Have you been into an accident? Dents and scratches can ruin you car’s overall appeal. Don’t stress yourself out! Here’s a car scratch repair guide for inst

Shallow Scratches

If the paint wasn’t actually damaged and only the top sealing coat was affected, it can probably be buffed away. These minor scratches are easy to sand away using polishing paste. It won’t take you much effort to remove a shallow scratch using this method. If you took a close look and realized that the paint was already affected, this requires a different fix. You can bring your car to a reliable auto body shop to get it taken care of.

Prepping the Scratch Area

Before the repair, any significant scratch needs a certain amount of preparation that will require cleaning and examining the scratch’s depth. The scratched paint will need to be feathered down along the damaged edges. After this, new paint is sprayed onto the area and sealed with a clear coat. If you don’t have all the tools for this procedure, it’s highly recommended that you leave this job to the experts.

Deep Scratches

In some cases, a scratch may have even reached the bare metal of your car’s body. This one definitely requires heavy sanding. The scratch must be sanded down to lessen the degree of missing paint. And then the prepped area gets a new primer layer and matching paint to finish off the job. Larger scratches can require repainting the entire panel, depending on how severe the scratch is.

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Color Matching

The art of auto painting doesn’t end at picking a similar color off the shelf. Some paint jobs go a step further than that. This can involve layering certain colors that help match the iridescence or sparkle of custom paint jobs. Factory paint is easier to match using paint swatches since they’re widely available in shops everywhere. On the other hand, a finished or custom auto paint job is often more challenging to achieve. It requires layering of specially-mixed shades to accurately match the color.

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Sealing the Repair

In special cases, an owner may request that the entire car be resealed in order to further protect the paint. These protective sealers help bring out the color of your car paint and deflect rough objects and surfaces from scratching your vehicle. It’s also becoming more popular to have a car wrap that adds a protective vinyl layer over the finished paint. This will help you avoid severe dent and scratch issues that can cost a lot to repair.

Scratch and Dent Repair 101

A car scratch is something you can’t underestimate. It doesn’t only affect your car’s overall appearance, but also lowers its value. DIY repair is one option to consider, but if you don’t have the tools and skills to proceed, don’t settle for mediocre results. Bring your car to an auto body repair shop. If you’re currently in the Tri-Valley area, California Collision would be happy to help. Call us at 925-261-7194 for more information.