Going through a car crash can be a scary ordeal, especially if there are injuries involved. There are also a lot of things to handle during the aftermath such as insurance claims, medical bills, police reports, and so on. On top of that, you’ll also need to get your car fixed.

Which is why finding a reliable auto body shop for collision repair is very important. A shop with skilled, experienced experts will make it a little easier to get your car back in tiptop shape, consequently making it easier for you to move on post-collision.

So if you’re in the market for a high-quality auto body shop that can help you with collision repair, here are five things to look for before you sign that dotted line.


Checking for certifications is one good way of finding out whether a company is reputable or not. Ask if the technicians are certified or licensed to do repairs and, if so, request to see paper or documented proof. If the office staff, painters, and technicians are trained, it means they’ve attended a certified course (or several) or series of seminars on auto collision repair.

Of course, businesses with trained employees will likely display their diplomas or certificates in the customer waiting area, so you won’t have to dig too much if they are.

Quality of Repairs

What to Look For When Choosing an Auto Body Shop for Collision Repair

If you’ve got your eye on a potential shop, ask about their previous customers and see if you can get in touch with the ones in your area. But bear in mind that some shops might have a strict customer privacy policy, so you might be better off searching for reviews online.

Either way, try to get an idea of the quality of their repairs. Some shops are very good at addressing the surface damage but, unfortunately, do a shoddy job on the interior components. Others might specialize only in parts replacement and installation, but they don’t do paint jobs or buffing.

Do some digging, read certified reviews, and see if you can wrangle some before-and-after photos of their previous work.

Attention to Detail

When it comes to collision repair, attention to detail is so important. It’s the little things that could make or break a repair For instance, you can check how thorough a shop is by their replacement parts policy. How does the shop check the authenticity of a specific item? How do they know what to recommend, and how experienced or capable are they in selecting and handling replacement parts? If you have questions or concerns, are they able to answer you with confidence—or at least direct you to the best person for answers?

Good Reputation

Effective advertising may draw you into an auto body shop but recommendations from your friends, family, or even acquaintances are much better. Find out what previous and current customers say about the auto body shop you’re planning to hire. Check if they can satisfy customers or not. Also, note if the employees are courteous and helpful. This will give you an idea of how you will be treated throughout the entire process of repair.

Transparent Process

Lastly, a professional auto body shop is transparent about their collision repair process. They understand, first and foremost, how shaken up the customer might be. Technicians and mechanics who take the time to explain to you what they plan to do, why it needs to be done, and how they’re going to do it are definitely professionals you can trust with your car—and your money.

Low prices may seem attractive but you should always look at the quality of work done by the auto body shop. While insurance providers will strongly suggest you go with their preferred shops, you have to make sure you go with a company you’re comfortable with.

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