Damage caused by a collision does not necessarily mean your vehicle is already totaled. In fact, many auto body shops offering collision repair services can restore your car to its pre-collision state.

Before bringing your vehicle in, it’s important to have an idea of what kind of services you should expect. Given that, below are the most common questions about collision repair and the answers to them.

How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

After evaluating the damage, the auto body shop will give you an estimate of how long the repair services will take. There are instances when delays will happen due to hidden damage or parts that are on back-order. In any case, the company will let you know if there will be changes to their initial repair time estimate.

Do I need to go with the collision repair shop recommended by my insurance company?

Questions About Collision Repair

Most people assume that you should only go to the collision repair shop your insurance dictates. This is obviously just a myth; in fact, vehicle owners may go to the shop of their choice. Regardless of the repair center you select, your insurance company is still bound to pay for the services.

Insurers often suggest auto body shops to their clients but you always have the final say. An insurer refusing to pay because you are using a shop they are not affiliated with is against the law.

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How long do I have to wait before washing my car?

Once the repair is complete, the auto body shop will thoroughly wash it to inspect if there are no errors in the cosmetic repairs. All ceramic and acrylic urethane paints require 30 days to completely dry and go through the physical change from liquid to cured paint. Within this time, the best thing to do is wash the car using the right materials and in a proper environment.

Before the first 30 days, no sealants or wax should be applied to fresh car paint. The freshly-applied paint should be able to breathe so solvents can escape and cure well.

Will the new paint match my car’s original body color?

Multiple coats of factory-specific paint can produce glossy paint finishes, and most auto body repair companies have cutting-edge equipment to mimic the factory finish for a perfect color match. They should ensure that they’re not only repairing your vehicle for optimal safety but to make it aesthetically pleasing as well.

Finding the Right Collision Repair Company

As a car owner, your chances of needing auto body services are much greater than you think. Because accidents are inevitable, finding a reputable collision repair center is your only hope of restoring your car’s roadworthiness.

The shop you choose should have a good track record, right expertise and equipment, certified and licensed technicians, and excellent customer service. After all, you are protecting a valuable investment. Thus, you need to ensure your car will be in good hands. That’s why doing thorough research is one important step you must take before settling on a collision repair specialist.