These days, you can find tutorials about so many things on the internet. From repurposing old clothes to building a deck for your home, going DIY can save you a lot of money. It’s also an excellent way to start a hobby or learn a new skill.

But here’s one thing you should never DIY: car dent repair. Unless you have the right knowledge and training, repairing your own car is often not a good idea. Below are the most common DIY dent repair mistakes car owners make so you can avoid them.

1. Not Following the Right Order

One excellent rule to follow when it comes to removing multiple dents in the car is by beginning with the most recent dent. If you got into a minor collision that resulted in more than one dent, determine the sequence of the damage.

There might be a dent going to the front of the door with more dents toward the side of the vehicle which happened at a later time. Once you’ve figured out the sequence, go against that order to effectively remove all of the dents. If done incorrectly, you will not achieve the results you expect.

2. Not Washing the Car Properly

dent repairMost car owners go right into the process of dent repair without preparing the car properly. The surface of the exterior should be thoroughly washed first. Never use the soap you usually apply when washing as it’s very slippery. Consider using dishwashing soap instead; it does a good job of removing dirt and debris without the slippery feel.

Why is this important? Well, failure to remove any wax or grease from the body can result in a poorly-done dent repair. You might even end up with damaged paint, which costs more when you have it redone.

3. Trying to Imitate the Pros

There are many ways to do dent repair on your vehicle but in most cases, special tools and advanced knowledge is required. This is something most DIYers do not have. For instance, paintless dent repair should only be done by a professional. The process, as simple as it may seem, can only be pulled off by an expert for high-quality results.

When you attempt to do paintless dent repair on your own, you’ll have to purchase special tools for it. This will cost you more time and money than simply going to the auto body shop and letting technicians handle the repair process. Lack of knowledge about the process will also put your car at risk of bigger damage that only an auto body shop can fix.

Professional Dent Repair: Why You Need it

Unlike DIY methods, there aren’t many disadvantages to hiring a professional to repair your car. It may take longer but the results are well worth your time and money. DIY dent repair kits are much cheaper, but they can lead to serious problems if done incorrectly.

Taking your car to an auto body shop saves you from hassle and stress. You’ll also end up with a car that looks as good as new, has a high resale value, and keeps you safe the way it should.