Taking care of your car does not only involve the bodywork but also the glass components. A well-maintained windshield will ensure you of a safe and smooth ride each time. And if you’ve had a windshield replacement, don’t worry; proper maintenance will help protect you from potential injuries and accidents.

Given that, there are many ways to make your windshield, whether original or a replacement, stand the test of time—some of them are the following:

1. Use the right cleaning solution.

When cleaning your car on your own, always check the contents of your glass cleaners. Never buy one with ammonia, because this chemical can pose a threat not only to your car tint, but to your health as well. To be on the safe side, consider cleaning with vinegar or alcohol. Other natural concoctions may work as well.

In addition to using the right cleaner, wiping with care is another thing you should do to make your windshield last long. To start, choose the right material to wipe the glass with. Many car owners use microfiber or pure cotton rags. Both are great materials to dry off your windshield without leaving fibers or marks.

2. Avoid parking under the sun for long periods of time.

Be smart when parking your car—it should not be directly under the sun. The UV rays and heat coming from the sun can actually make your car glass become less durable. Regular exposure to high levels of heat can make the glass brittle and eventually break or crack, meaning you’ll need a windshield replacement sooner than you anticipated.

3. Replace wipers on a regular basis.

Windshield wipers should be replacedTips to Help Make Your Windshield Replacement Last Long at least once every six months.

If you drive long distances regularly or leave your car parked under the sun, you may need to replace them more frequently. Worn wipers can damage your windshield so swap them for new ones every year.

4. Be thorough when cleaning.

When cleaning your windshield, it’s not enough to just wipe the glass part. You need to clean the rubber gasket, which keeps your windshield in place, as well. Dirt and debris can get stuck in this part and lead to cracking or breaking the windshield. You can keep this from happening by being thorough when cleaning your glass.

5. Never slam doors.

Glass components (i.e. rear glass, windshield, and windows) enclose your vehicle tightly. This means that when you slam doors, the pressure inside the vehicle could actually lead to a cracked or broken windshield. If there are other people riding your car on a regular basis, remind them to be careful when closing the doors to avoid potential windshield problems.

Windshield Replacement Maintenance

Maintaining a newly-replaced windshield shouldn’t be stressful and complicated. With enough attention and time, you can extend the life of your car glass while reducing the need for costly repair services in the future.

If you’ve recently encountered a windshield problem, don’t hesitate to call the pros to have it checked. Windshield experts have the right tools, skills, expertise, and experience so you will always end up with a high-quality repair or replacement job.