With just enough force, a flying rock hitting your windshield can chip the glass. You get frustrated, but at the same time, you’re well aware that that chip has to be repaired before it turns into a huge crack and requires an entire windshield replacement.

After your windshield has been fixed, there are certain aftercare procedures that need to be followed so you can enjoy long-term positive results and maximize safety.

An hour after the windshield replacement, you need to:

1. Wait before driving the car.

A new windshield is held in place by an adhesive, creating a strong and waterproof seal around it. The seal requires enough time to set and dry. If you want to see the best results, it is recommended that you wait at least an hour after installation before driving the car again. Technicians will remind you of this right after the windshield replacement work.

One to two days after the window replacement process has been done, you need to:

2. Clear out the inside and outside areas of your vehicle.

The Ultimate Guide to Windshield Replacement AftercareThe seal is still drying at this point, though it’s dry enough for you to be driving your car. The last thing you want is to have anything sticking to the seal or pushing up against the glass. The first day after the installation, make sure not to put any kind of cover on the vehicle exterior. Also, make sure to free the dashboard of clutter, and avoid using a sunshade.

3. Crack a window open.

Air pressure can put an extra amount of stress around your windshield as it dries. Keep it from leading to leaks by rolling down one window at least one inch. Do this the first day after the windshield installation.

4. Do not get rid of the retention tape.

Don’t remove the retention tape that holds the windshield moldings in place. It is used to protect the seal from the elements while it’s still drying. While it may seem like an eyesore, it’s best to leave this tape on for the first one to two days after the windshield has been installed.

5. Avoid power washers or car washes in the meantime.

New moldings should be protected from shift or damage as they set and dry completely. This means you should avoid automatic car washes, high-pressure car washes, and the use of power washers.

If there’s really a need to wash your car in the first two days after a windshield replacement, a regular hand wash is your best bet. It may be a slower and more difficult process but it will make sure that your new glass remains protected.

6. Don’t put unnecessary stress on the new glass.

Be careful of your doors right after a windshield replacement. Instead of slamming them, close the car doors gently. You should also avoid driving on roads with a lot of bumps and potholes.

Find a Trusted Windshield Replacement Expert

Maintaining your new windshield replacement does not require a lot of work. With just a bit of extra care and attention, you can lessen the need for costly repairs down the road and extend the life of the car glass.