How do you know if a dealership or local auto repair shop is right for your auto needs? This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of local auto repair shops and how they compare to dealerships. Let’s begin!


One advantage of a local auto repair shop is that it usually provides better quality service when compared to a commercial establishment. Local shops have more trained technicians handling specific car problems. They also have a wide range of specialized equipment that they can use to help diagnose your car problem and offer the best advice for necessary repairs.

Another advantage of local auto repair shops is that they are flexible in providing the service that you need. This includes inspections, repainting, and other repairs. In contrast, dealerships are much more restrictive in the services they can provide.

Also, an auto repair shop near you can help you save time and money. Instead of driving to a dealership, find a local auto repair shop in your neighborhood. They will likely have the parts you need, and you will also be able to get the services done more quickly.


The drawbacks to working with a local shop have to do with turnaround times. Since the average local auto repair shop is smaller than a dealership, they may not have the parts on hand. As a result, turnaround times can take longer. Some shops may also not give a good recommendation on car parts that you need. Unlike with dealerships, car parts are more likely on-hand and readily available. This factor, along with the turnaround time, can be faster. So if your repair needs are very time-sensitive, some local auto repair shops might not satisfy you with their service.

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When deciding on whether to go with a dealership or a local auto repair shop, it all depends on your needs. Are you looking to repair your car and want the standards of a dealership with the quality of a local auto repair shop? If you’re in the Tri-Valley area in California, then you can work with California Collision. We provide top-notch auto repair services that are ideal for all vehicles. Give us a call today for your repair needs.