Have you ever wondered why one repair shop will describe itself as specializing in auto repair, while another will specialize in auto body repair? These phrases may seem interchangeable, but the truth is, they’re not. It all has to do with the use of “body” in one and not the other. It may seem minor, but what a difference it makes!

Auto Repair vs. Auto Body Repair

Does Your Car Need an Auto Body Shop?To put it simply, auto repair deals with anything and everything mechanical and electrical, which refers to the inside of the vehicle. For instance, you need to have the tail lights changed or fixed, you’re overdue for an oil change, or you have to have the transmission looked at.

So what about if the outside of the vehicle is compromised in some way? Dented fenders, a trunk that isn’t closing properly, a broken window or windshield all call for auto body repair.

It goes without saying that getting into a collision may mean that getting your car fixed will involve both types of repair shops, depending on how severe the damage is. When there’s little to no apparent damage to the body, the possibility of this goes down.

However, even when the damage is minor, and you can still drive the vehicle, you’ll want to have it examined for internal damage. Then, you’ll still have to bring it to an auto body shop for auto body repair.

Here are a few reasons why.

Resale Value

Unexpected Problems You Need to Get Auto Body Repair ForIf you’re planning to sell your vehicle in the future, any damage to the body may make potential buyers think twice. Even if one of them doesn’t, you aren’t likely to get the resale value you want if the vehicle is damaged in some way.

Internal Damage

It may look like the damage is just cosmetic, but only a collision repair professional can decide whether or not the damaged area is affecting other parts of the vehicle.

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When you open a claim with your insurance provider, you’re asking them to pay for the auto body repair work that’ll be done to your vehicle. If you don’t have it repaired, future claims you file may be affected. That is, the insurance company may deduct the amount they’d approved for the previous accident from the amount they’re willing to pay for repairs resulting from the next one.

Car Care 101: Bring It to An Auto Body Shop

If nothing else, you need to bring your car to an auto body repair shop to head off any future safety concerns. If not repaired properly, your car may be more easily damaged if another accident happens. You’ll want to make sure you and your passengers are safe whenever you drive your car, after all. And, you can’t do that if it’s still damaged from a prior accident.

Still not sure about the difference between auto repair and auto body repair?

In the unfortunate event that you find yourself in a vehicular accident, take a look at the damage. If something mechanical or electrical needs repair, then you’ll need both types to make the vehicle road-worthy again. However, if the damage is just to the body, you just need to go to the nearest auto body shop in your area.