So you’ve taken your car to an auto body shop for repairs.

You later receive a call that it’s now ready for pick up. But after going home in your newly-repaired car, you see something strange—a new chip or crack.

Depending on the auto body shop you go to, your car may still end up with broken parts or damages that weren’t there before. This is a common problem for people who bring their vehicles to unreliable collision repair shops.

If you ever find yourself in this frustrating situation, here are some helpful tips you can follow.

Document All Problems

What to Do if an Auto Body Shop Messes Up Your CarUpon getting your car back, always look for signs of any unfamiliar damages that weren’t present before bringing it to the shop. This speaks of the quality of work they’ve done to your vehicle. Did the shop do the work as quoted? Do you notice signs of subpar work? If you’ve proven that something’s wrong, start documenting all the issues you see.

Take as many videos or photos of these damages as you can. It’s also suggested that you collect statements from close friends as witnesses. This is a crucial step in making your case once you discuss the matter with the auto body shop technician.

State the Issues

The next step is informing the auto body shop about your problem. Many body shops stand by their work, so ask your shop if they offer a guarantee. Negotiate and find out if they are willing to help solve the situation.

Bring up the quote they provided you at the start of the repair and compare it to their finished work. Point out any discrepancies you’ve noticed as clear as possible.

Request a Refund

What to Do if an Auto Body Shop Messes Up Your CarAlways be calm when speaking to the shop about their guarantees. If they don’t offer such, ask whether they offer and permit refunds or not. Provide evidence of the damage through photos or videos. Get an estimate from another shop to know how much it would cost to undo the damage done to your vehicle.

The shop may respond to your concern in different ways. They might agree to redo the work at no cost or provide a substantial discount for you. It’s also possible for them to completely refuse to do any corrective work, and if this is the case, consider the next step.

Consider Getting Legal Advice

If the shop still won’t cooperate with you, it’s best to consult a local attorney. They can give you legal advice on the best course of action. Plus, they can help you seek compensation for the subpar service to your car.

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Finding a Trustworthy Auto Body Shop

There are many fly-by-night auto body shops out there, even in the most unlikely locations.

As a wise customer, do proper research and only trust legitimate shops that guarantee quality work. If you have concerns about their services and offers, raise them with courtesy and professionalism. Things can go downhill fast if you start making accusations right away. Gather all the evidence you need and do what needs to be done. Don’t let yourself fall victim to low-quality services.

Call a trusted, leading auto body shop in your area today for repair services. Trust us—it’s the best decision you can make for your car!