When it comes to getting the best service for your vehicle, it’s always better to choose local. Your local auto body shop will offer you the best service. Additionally, you’ll feel good about supporting your local economy and keeping money circulating in your community. Patronizing your local body shop will help to keep your community strong and allow you to build trust with a body shop you can return to again and again. Read on to learn more about why you should choose local auto body shops over a national chain.

Less Pressure

Insurance companies are known to put pressure on auto body chains. This is because they often receive a large percentage of their work from insurance referrals. Basically, this relationship with insurance agencies can cause large chain shops to cut corners and not take the pride in their work that’s required to provide truly excellent service. A local auto body shop, on the other hand, operates freely. This means that they set their own standards and prices. When a shop is locally owned, you can bet that it will be run with care and conscientiousness. This means better service, more attention to detail, and a better customer service experience for you.

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More Care

People who own their own businesses often take immense pride in their work. They also may feel a personal investment in the satisfaction of their customers. Because of this, they often go the extra mile to offer the best possible service and care. You may be surprised by how good you feel about visiting a local auto body shop. Once you visit once, you will likely not want to go anywhere else again.

More Efficient

Smaller, local auto body shops often have fewer employees, lower rent, and fewer executive staff. Because of this, they often have smaller overhead costs as well. Often, this enables them to offer services at a lower price than national or global chains. Because they operate independently, they are likely able to offer faster turnaround times, too. Often more efficient in every way, your local body shop is your best bet every time.


It’s always better to know who you’re working with. Personal relationships make experiences better and more comfortable. When you choose your local body shop, you’ll be building relationships with people in your community. It will be a joy to walk through the door, almost like visiting a neighbor.

Close By

When you’re caring for your car, you don’t want to waste gas. Choosing local often means selecting an auto body shop that’s in close proximity to where you live. Closer means that you spend less gas and time traveling, and more time doing whatever else you want to do. It’s also more environmentally friendly to travel shorter distances.

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For these reasons, local is best. When you’re looking for a local auto body shop in the Pleasanton, California area, choose us. At California Collision, we offer the best services with a careful touch. Contact us by phone or online for a free estimate.