Car owners are happy to see their vehicles in pristine condition after time away at the auto body shop. And who wouldn’t feel relieved, right? But did you know that a fraction of them may call back because they’re just not satisfied with the results? The worst-case scenario is finding out that your certified auto body shop didn’t do the best job. With that in mind, here are some signs that your restored vehicle is ready and safe for the road.

Checking for Professional Work

After the repair work, check your car. Examine the tires to assess what condition they are in. Take a look at the hitch and bolts that secure the vehicle to the chassis to ensure they are all tight. Also, pay attention to the body of your vehicle. This includes the front and rear bumpers, plus the undercarriage. Check the interior and make sure everything is in good condition, too. Take your time and examine the steering and floor as well. These are some of your reference points for knowing if the auto body repair was worth it or not.

Additional Things to Look For

Additionally, it’s important to note what air filters your mechanic is using. Any reputable mechanic should use filters from the manufacturer.

It is also easy to tell if the certified auto body shop did the job right based on the turnaround time. In most cases, carefully repairing a car will take a while, depending on the issue and extent of the damage. Be sure to ask about the amount of labor involved. Make sure to keep in touch with your car mechanic regarding this. Of course, you want your back as soon as possible, but rushed repairs mean sloppy work.

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Key Takeaway

Bringing your car to a certified auto body shop doesn’t necessarily guarantee that repairs will be done the right way. In fact, you might find out that your car needs additional work, or another round of maintenance checks. The important thing is, you shouldn’t just assume everything was taken care of because you could be putting yourself at risk.

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