If you are own a car, you may have heard of the term certified collision repair. Some people think it’s an ordinary certification that doesn’t really matter to you as a customer. But in reality, it makes a huge difference in terms of the function, value, and safety of your car.

Certified collision repair means auto technicians undergo training through industry programs and are taught how to repair vehicles according to the manufacturer’s specifications. When it comes to luxury cars, manufacturers make sure that repairs on those vehicles meet their specific standards.

Why Certification is Important

What is Certified Collision Repair and Does it Really Matter?With better equipment and training, an auto body shop can offer higher quality repairs. This is good news for you, as a responsible car owner, since you’ll want a repaired vehicle to function correctly, perhaps even as well as it did before the accident.

Technicians consider different factors when doing repairs. Most of them put more focus on auto body parts and technology when dealing with a vehicle, as those factors can affect safety and function. It’s worth noting that even the smallest details can have an impact on post-repair safety.

For instance, a technician is required to follow the car maker’s specifications in order to properly fix a damaged automatic emergency braking (AEB) system. If the technician in charge fails to comply with the recommended method, the vehicle may not be completely safe to drive because there’s no guarantee the brakes will work as well as they should.

The same idea applies to luxury cars. There are auto body shops that offer certified collision repair for high-end brands such as Audi, Land Rover, and Porsche. These shops use OEM or original equipment manufacturer parts.

While OEM parts cost slightly more than aftermarket parts, they are ideal for a luxury car. Aside from being sourced from the original manufacturer, these parts fit the vehicle more accurately. What’s even better is that the auto maker offers a warranty if anything happens to the parts, assuring you of their quality.

Collision Repair Certifications from Manufacturers

There are many types of certifications issued to shops in the auto body repair industry. When researching for collision repair facilities near you, check if that location has technicians who are trained by your car’s manufacturer. After a technician reaches at least two years of auto body repair experience, he or she can then be certified under the program he or she chose.

It’s also essential to ask how often the technicians train. Technology changes quickly, especially with vehicles. That’s why the people who will work on your vehicle should be up-to-date on the changes in the brand. They should have attended recent additional training as well.

Right after an accident, your insurance company will likely offer you a list of auto body shops that provide collision repair services. Remember that under federal law, you shouldn’t be forced to use any of them if you don’t want to. Who repairs your car is entirely up to you, so make sure it’s done by the best in the business. Don’t forget to do your research to find an auto body repair shop that isn’t just qualified but offers great customer service as well.

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