As a vehicle owner, one of the best ways to keep from constantly sending your vehicle in for auto collision repair is understanding what can lead to such a scenario. There are different kinds of damage that can affect your vehicle, and they can happen whether you’re inside or out of your car.

The severity of damage also depends on certain factors like the size of the colliding object or car, the speed of impact, and so on.

With that said, below are the most common types of auto body damage and how they can be fixed.

1. Paint scratches

Most scratches happen in parking lots. It could be an ordinary day where you dropped by the grocery store to stock up on the basics, only to end up with a scratch or two on the side of your car. What’s worse is that you may never even see the person at fault.

Scratches can also occur due to carelessness on the road and at home, particularly if you’re loading objects with pointed edges.

Depending on how large the scratch is, there’s a variety of techniques to repair it. Small scratches can be removed with simple rubbing, while bigger and deeper scratches may require body fillers. Computer-matched paints might be used to fully erase the scratch.

2. Collision damage

Types of Auto Body Damage and How They're RepairedIf you’ve been in an accident, your car will probably end up with a few dents on the body. Those who aren’t as fortunate may end up with a completely damaged car, the body bent and perhaps even torn.

It’s very dangerous to have a bent frame, so you need help from expert technicians during the auto collision repair process. They might use computer-aided machines to fix the frame and bring it back to its original state. The car will also be repainted as needed.

Learn more about the collision repair process here!

3. Weather-related damage

Your car is typically found in front of your house or in parking lots; it’s exposed to all sorts of weather conditions – rain, snow, and extreme heat, to name a few. These elements can affect the vehicle’s paint and even lead to rust in the body. Sanding and repainting the problem areas should fix this.

4. Dents

Dents are often made by flying objects like small pieces of rock colliding with your car while you’re driving. There are times that a much bigger rock will hit your car, causing an even bigger dent on the body and requiring professional auto collision repair services. There are many ways to get rid of the dents, but if the paint wasn’t seriously affected, technicians will often use a paintless dent removal process.

The Importance of Car Insurance

Longtime car owners are well aware that getting a new car is not as simple as paying money and just driving off into the sunset. In addition to saving up for maintenance costs, you need to set aside money for potential repairs down the road.

It’s important that you make sure that not only is your car in good working condition but also maintaining its appearance. In the event of a collision, insurance companies will consider whether or not the vehicle has been damaged previously that’s been repaired. This will, in turn, affect the value of the car and determine if it gets repaired, eventually, or deemed totaled.

All types of auto body damage can occur at any moment, and you don’t know exactly when you’ll need auto collision repair. To protect yourself from outrageously high repair costs, it’s essential to have comprehensive insurance for your car. Talk to your trusted collision repair expert to know all about your options.