Have you ever wondered why different auto paint shops have different rates for the same job? The answer is quite simple. The reason is that various factors are essential to some auto body painters, while not so much for others. In this article, we give you the insider scoop on some common hidden factors that affect an auto painting cost.

Where You Live

Hidden Factors that Affect Auto Painting Costs

The area in which you live is one hidden factor that is likely to influence the cost of your paint job. You may not have realized it before, but you’ll note a significant range of rates if you request quotes from auto body painters in different locations. For instance, painting a car in regions that experience hotter climates is usually more affordable. Fading paint is a common problem in these areas, so rates are lower due to high demand.

Rates are also impacted by the size of your city. This is because a competitive market can lead to competitive prices. On the other hand, there are generally fewer options in a small town.

But the bottom line is quality, not cost. It makes more sense to spend a little extra if it means you’ll be happier with the final results. After all, it’s an investment.

The Level of Detail

Some people prefer a simple style of car painting, while others may go for intricate detail in the design. There’s no doubt you’ll incur a higher rate if you want something fancy like a nice trim or a logo printed on your car. Detailed or exclusive art comes at a price, and cheaper options probably can’t compare to quality work.

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The Amount of Change

Factors that Affect Auto Painting Costs

Are you going to change the color of your current car paint? Switching to a different color will probably cost more. Choosing a new color is more work than retaining your current shade. In a nutshell, the more significant the change is to the car paint color, the higher the price.


Considering whether or not to use a sealant when having your car painted is another choice you’ll need to make. The use of sealants will definitely have an impact on the final price, but the secret to a lasting paint job is a sealer, so it’s worth the extra expense. Sealants enhance protection against scratches. Also, sealants come in a variety of different types, meaning some are more costly than others.

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If you’re ready to refresh that tired paint job, keep these tips in mind when calculating the cost, and both your car and your budget will turn out just fine.