Getting into a vehicular accident can be both unsettling and traumatic. As a car owner, you may have heard of stories about what happens after an accident. While some of those tales may be accurate, there are many myths out there that are not only frightening but also far from reality.

Preparing yourself for the collision repair process is important. One way to do this is by learning to identify the most common myths about auto body repair.

So below are the most common misconceptions about collision repair you shouldn’t believe.

Myth #1. You can only choose an auto body shop chosen by your insurance company.

Insured drivers have the legal right to select any body shop they want for collision repair. The insurance company would obviously prefer you go to a less-expensive one, and there are many providers that have agreements with certain shops to speed up the process and reduce repair costs. However, insurance adjusters are well aware that you can take your car to any body shop you want. They’ll still honor your decision and cover any accident-related repair expenses.

In fact, under a new law intended to reinforce anti-steering laws, it’s illegal for insurers to require customers choose a particular shop. In the same vein, they can’t suggest a customer go elsewhere once a shop has been chosen – except under conditions outlined in Insurance Code 758.5.

Myth #2. A car will never be the same again after an accident.

Although your car may be badly damaged after an accident, any good collision repair shop has the proper resources and knowledge to get your car back to its original state. This includes the performance, safety, and appearance of your vehicle. Your car can be restored to how it was before the accident.

Myth #3. Only a dealer can do collision repair properly.

Misconceptions about Collision Repair You Should Never BelieveAnother misconception is that only a dealer that sells the same vehicle brand as yours has the capacity and OEM parts to fix your car. That’s just too far from the truth, as non-dealer-affiliated auto body repair centers can order the same parts. They also have equally skilled technicians with experience, training, and equipment to work on all models and makes of vehicles, including yours.

Myth #4. You are required to obtain multiple estimates.

There is no law keeping you from obtaining more than one estimate for collision repair, nor is there one making it a must for you to obtain more than one. When you have several estimates in hand, the insurance company will likely pay for a repair based on the lowest estimate. The only problem with that is the lowest estimate usually turns out to be the most incomplete one.

Myth #5. Insurance will pay for all repairs.

This myth is one that, unfortunately, many car owners fall for. Whether or not insurance will pay for all repairs actually depends on your policy’s terms. That’s why you need to read your policy carefully, especially if your insurer has made some changes on it.

If you were at fault for the wreck, you will be required to pay a certain deductible upfront when picking up your car after a collision repair. If the accident was caused by another driver, their insurance company should pay for your accident-related repair costs.

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Only Trust the Professionals

Don’t be fooled by the myriad of misconceptions about collision repair out there. Be wary of the stories that can influence how and where you have your car repaired. To be a responsible car owner, you need to know the truth when it comes to getting your vehicle’s appearance and performance restored.