For most people, car collision repair may seem universal. But the truth is, not all vehicles are made the same. This is the reason why auto technicians go through a lot of training in order to earn certifications that will make them experts in a certain field.

It is necessary for them to be knowledgeable about the latest industry standards on a wide range of vehicles– including modern hybrid cars. Hybrids or electric vehicles come with many advantages, like fuel efficiency. However, with that cost-savings is a trade-off to possibly higher expenses in other areas (e.g. collision repair).

Why Collision Repair on Hybrid Cars is more Difficult

There are instances when battery packs were not damaged in an accident, but the panels near those packs were affected. The battery still has to be removed for safety reasons, which means there will be additional labor. On the other hand, damaged batteries have to be serviced. Batteries will be taken out and de-energized–meaning the collision repair will require more time and labor.

In the case of an electric car that’s severely damaged, the battery must be removed quickly to prevent corrosive and dangerous acid from leaking. Batteries should never be left to leak as this could lead to serious damage to other components of your vehicle. It may even mean that your car would need to be fully replaced.

Given all that, it’s clear that even skilled auto technicians need to go through specialized training before they can repair a hybrid vehicle. Aside from the increased risk of electrocution, hybrid cars have functionality and technology that’s different from traditional gas-fuelled cars. Additional safety and training can be costly for auto collision repair shops, which could reflect on your final bill, too.

The Cost of Hybrid Car Collision Repair

The Cost of Hybrid Car Collision RepairAside from additional labor, another drawback of an electric car is the costly repair. If you get into an accident, hybrid car collision repair would be more expensive than having a gas-powered vehicle fixed. This is primarily because the battery in a hybrid car is more susceptible to damage and more expensive to replace.

In addition, electric and hybrid vehicles have not been around for as long as conventional gas-powered cars. Sourcing some of the parts used in repair is much harder. While newer parts are easier to find because the original manufacturer sells them, used parts (which tend to be cheaper) can be more difficult to source.

Find a Collision Repair Expert Near You

With today’s motorists, hybrid cars like the Chevrolet Volt, Porsche Panamera, Volkswagen Passat, and Tesla models are becoming more popular–and more manufacturers will likely try to keep up with the growing demand.

Unfortunately, not all auto body shops can perform collision repair on electric or hybrid cars because they lack the necessary tools or expertise.

If you own an electric vehicle in Dublin CA, it’s important to get multiple recommendations for an expert auto body repair shop. Ask the shop about their certifications and training attended by the technicians, and check if they specialize in electric vehicles. This ensures they are qualified to perform collision repair on your hybrid car.