There are surely a lot of auto body shops in your area. But the question is, are they all fit to repair or restore your vintage car? Probably not. Don’t just go to the nearest car body shop from your home, either. Call the right auto shop and ask for a quote by taking note of these key ]considerations.

Years of Experience

How long has a car body shop been doing vintage car work? A shop might “specialize” in classic cars but not have many customers who need that kind of work. Any shop that’s been in business for years is a good sign. Family-owned businesses pass down their trade skills through the generations, and they’re tied to the community in a special way.

Knowledge of Vintage Cars

If your car repair specialist knows more about the model than you do, this is a good sign. This means they’re already familiar with how that car was built and the history behind it. And, in return, this will make it easier to replace parts that are too far gone to save. Another good thing to look for is their knowledge of the car’s specialty parts, whether for exterior and interior replacements. They can spot factory additions that make your car more appealing.

While the respiration is in progress, an experienced team can isolate and identify parts that might not be classified as stock parts. This could be helpful if there were previous repairs that you weren’t aware of. This is especially important if you’re interested in entering car competitions.

Detailed Examples of Previous Work

Any shop that’s proud of their work will have a photo portfolio of the restorations they’ve completed. There should be plenty of photos documenting what was done and the finished results. This demonstrates their professional skills and attention to detail. Aside from great looking cars brought back to life, before and after pics show you how involved the restoration process is likely to be for your own car.

This work also gives you faith in their skills and serves as an effective calling card for referred services. Similarly, it shows how proud the shop is to share what they can do for you.

Faithful Restoration Process

A restoration is an art form unto itself since it’s not just about auto body repair. For the most part, restoration is trying to save as much of the original vehicle as possible. When all else fails, replacement parts are meticulously sourced, so the match is 100% exact. Some interior materials simply cannot be restored, but the right shop will know how to faithfully reproduce them.

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The Restoration is Never a Set Price

Restorations can be costly but a set price is not part of the estimate you will receive. A professional shop will always have a provision that tells you there will likely be additional costs with this kind of work. As the restoration uncovers damage that previously couldn’t be detected, they will advise you on what needs to be done. This is why most vintage restorations take a lot of time, as everything is taken apart.

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Restoring Vintage Cars

For reliable and seamless car restoration, you can reach out to California Collision. We are a premier auto body shop in the Tri-Valley Area. Let’s get your project started by calling us at 925-261-7194. Our friendly team is happy to answer any questions you have.