Nobody wants to have a damaged car. There are various types of damage that may require you to visit an auto body shop, and drivers will likely need a repair at some point. The process of restoring your car to its original shape varies, depending on the damage it has sustained. Because there are different types of auto body damage, all drivers need to be fully informed about the possible causes.

Let’s take a closer look at the most common auto damages that will require you to visit a body repair shop.

1. Cracked or Broken Glass

Auto glass damage comes in a variety of forms such as breaks, scratches, cracks, and chips. There are instances when the damage can be easily repaired; other times, however, a complete window or windshield replacement will be required.

2. Dents

Most auto body repair shops address minor dents with paintless dent removal (PDR). No sanding or fillers are required—a trained technician will only use special tools to carefully push dents back into place without affecting the paint job. It’s a popular service for car owners who want a cost-effective and long-lasting method to restore their ride to its original shape.

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3. Bent Frames

After an accident—including minor fender benders—most vehicles sustain frame damage. Frames that are weakened or warped may put you and your passengers at risk after an accident, hence the need for repair. When a car’s frame is bent, it can cause poor handling, meaning your tires and other steering parts will prematurely wear out, eventually.

4. Paint Damage

You might require a paint job because of direct damage (i.e. deep scratch or accidental collision). Although the damage seems purely cosmetic, most scratches and chips could leave your exterior vulnerable to further damage and corrosion problems.

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There are also instances when you don’t really need a paint job—you just want your car to look good, and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, paint jobs can make your car stand out with just a fresh layer of color.

5. Damage from Major Collisions

Common Auto Damages that Warrant a Visit to a Body Repair Shop

Major collisions cause serious damage to any car. Such accidents can cause the engine to fail, the windshield to crack or even shatter, whole panels to be broken, and make the steering difficult to operate.

Finding the Best Auto Body Repair Shop

When searching for an auto body repair shop, don’t just go to the one your insurance company suggests. A responsible car owner should do their own research to find potential repair shops first and then ask for estimates. Bodywork typically does not take too long, so it’s a good idea to also ask for an estimated timeframe in which the repair will be done.

You can also ask family and friends for recommendations. Finally, look for customer reviews and testimonials about your candidates. If you have a gut feeling that the company is not a good choice for you, chances are you’re right.

Finally, remember that reliable repair shops have professional technicians and excellent customer service. It would also help a lot if you can find a facility with modern tools and equipment as they will likely complete the job much faster.