Collision repair is a part of vehicle ownership, whether you’ve just been involved in an accident or recently purchased a second-hand car with minor damage. When you go through a vehicular accident, there are certain body parts that typically absorb most of the impact. It’s important to know these components so you can easily determine which ones need to be prioritized during the repair.

Car Parts Usually Included in Collision Repair

Below are the most common parts of your car that may need collision repair after getting in an accident:

  • Hood

Hood damage is common in car accidents. Dings and dents to the trunk lid or hood can be caused by hail or other kinds of falling objects. While some owners think hood and trunk lid damage is just cosmetic, you need to have them fixed so they can close properly. Neglecting this problem puts your hood or trunk lid at risk of popping open while you’re on the road.

  • Fender

For anyone who’s still confused between the two, fenders are the wheel well’s frame while bumpers are the parts on the rear and front of the car.  The main purpose of fenders is to keep tires from throwing dirt and debris at pedestrians and other vehicles. Similar to bumpers, they absorb a huge amount of impact. Side collisions in particular have the tendency to damage your fenders.

  • Doors

Common Car Parts that May Need to Be Repaired After a Collision AccidentSide impacts can lead to significant door damage. Modern car doors work by protecting you and your passengers if a collision happens. Damaged front and rear doors require replacement because if they are not in top shape, they will not be able to keep you safe if another accident occurs.

  • Bumpers

Most accidents involve at least one car moving forward. In these cases, the front bumper is the part that receives the most impact. Bumper damage comes in many forms, from simple scratches to major dents.

Aside from fast-moving cars, your bumper may be damaged by rogue shopping carts or out-of-nowhere posts. Front and rear bumpers often get dented and cracked more than other parts of your car, either from a simple fender bender or from simply backing into another parked vehicle.

  • Headlights

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that headlights are included in this list. Made of strong plastic and covering both sides of the car’s front part, headlights take a beating whenever there’s an accident. Your car shouldn’t be out on the road if your headlights are broken, as this can put you and other motorists in danger.

After experiencing a car accident, many motorists are left to wonder whether or not it’s a good idea to invest in collision repair. Some even think it’s not necessary at all. Although holding off on vehicle repairs may result in big savings in the short term, leaving car issues unattended can cost you so much more down the road.

If you need collision repair, be sure to call a skilled and reliable auto body shop right away. Their expert technicians will properly assess your car and give you a detailed report on what needs to be fixed or replaced.