Nothing’s worse than getting into a car accident—especially if you’re the one behind the wheel. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping scrapes and dents when you own a car, and you will need collision repair services at some point.

The good news is not all types of damages will burn a hole in your pocket. You simply need to address the problem immediately to keep it from getting worse.

Here are some examples of mistakes car owners should never do when getting auto collision repair.

1. Letting the insurance company boss you around

Some insurers push clients to choose from their preferred shops or network of approved service providers. The purpose of these agreements is to help insurers cut costs as they have control in negotiating prices. Unfortunately, this doesn’t often become cost-efficient for you, and you may even deal with lower repair service quality.

An insurance company’s list of preferred shops is just a suggestion. You always have the final decision on which company will fix your car, so be wise in selecting a repair center.

2. Not getting a guarantee for work and repairs

Insurance companies may trick you and claim that only collision repair work and replacements from their preferred shops are guaranteed. As a wise car owner, you need to be aware that a trustworthy shop will offer a lifetime warranty for all services as proof of their confidence in their work.

3. Settling on low-quality replacement parts

Top 4 Mistakes Vehicle Owners Should Avoid When Getting Collision Repair

Vehicle owners have a choice between used, aftermarket, or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for their car repair needs. As the customer, it is your right to have the final say in which types of parts will be installed on your vehicle.

OEM parts are the most ideal because they come directly from your car’s manufacturer. These parts ensure correct function, fit, and safety, but also typically cost higher. Be sure to check if your collision insurance covers this option.

In most states, auto body repair shops and insurance companies are bound by the law to inform customers if anything besides OEM parts will be used for a repair. When requesting a quote, don’t forget to ask about the quality of the components to be installed.

  1. Requesting an estimate from just one collision repair shop

High auto insurance deductibles often lead consumers to pay their own repairs. Since body shops have varying rates and work qualities, it pays to do your homework and visit multiple repair centers. Get recommendations from friends and check review websites to get comments from other consumers.

Find out what one shop is proposing and compare it to the next one on your list. Not all shops approach a job the same way, so they should clearly explain what you’d be getting for your money.

Trust Certified Collision Repair Experts Only

Many auto body repair shops offer services at an affordable price, but not all of them deserve your trust. Before bringing your car to an auto body collision repair center, spend some time researching about the company first. An ideal collision repair shop should have licensed and certified technicians, a good track record, mostly positive feedback from previous clients, and excellent customer service.