Chipped car paint is a total eyesore, and it becomes worse once it starts to flake off. Luckily, these issues can be fixed with the right minor solutions. All you need to do is look for local car paint stores in your area and find out how a pro can spot paint your vehicle.

Buying the Matching Car Paint Color

Ways a Pro Can Spot Paint Your CarA professional will ask about your car’s paint color. This is important since you don’t want to get the wrong color. It would be noticeable when the goal is to blend in. It might even ruin your car’s exterior appeal.

For starters, you might need to check out some local car paint stores in your area to find the right paint. Don’t forget to use your vehicle’s firewall as a reference. It has the correct paint code number that you’ll use on your hunt.

A small touch-up bottle can also work wonders for minor problem areas. It already comes with an applicator. And finally, don’t forget that your car may also require a primer.

Pre-Applying the Primer

If your car needs a primer, get rid of everything that might ruin the primer once it’s applied. This can include dust, dirt, wax, or a filler residue. Wait until the spot gets dry before applying the primer. And then, use a small piece of sandpaper to prep the surface.

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Applying the Primer

Once the spot is completely dry, an expert will apply the primer. This will seal your car’s surface to protect it from rust. More importantly, this will cover up imperfections and keep the paint from chipping off again.

The thing is, if the chipped paint isn’t stripped down to the bare metal, you can skip this step. Otherwise, it should be primed first.

If you see a car technician using a small brush to apply the primer, he’s on the right track. Keep in mind that the original paint should be left untouched. Wipe off the excess primer and wait until the area is completely dry.

Applying the Car Paint

Ways a Pro Can Spot Paint Your CarNow that everything’s all set, it’s time to cover the spot. It’s best to start from the edges and stroke inwards.

A tiny spot can be fixed by cutting down the brush. Other professionals simply use a toothpick or matchstick. Just take note that the touch-up should lay flat against the surface. Or else, it will peel off once again.

Final Step

Wait for a few days until the covered spot is fully dry. For the final touch, polish your car with wax to further blend the covered spot with the rest of your car’s surface.

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You can visit local car paint stores in your area to find the right color, but you need to hire a pro for the touch-up job. Our experts from California Collision can help you with that. We are certified technicians that can spruce up your car like new. Contact us today for more info!