Dealing with a cracked windshield or broken window can be very frustrating for any car owner. You need to opt for a windshield replacement immediately to keep the problem from getting worse. There are a lot of shops that promise to restore your vehicle to its original state, but only a few can truly deliver.

To make sure the work is done correctly, you need a reliable technician that specializes in auto glass repair. Below are a few signs that you’re dealing with the right windshield replacement professional.

1. High-Quality Materials

This is a crucial aspect to consider. Ensure that your selected technician provides only durable and quality products. Only OEM glasses and other similar materials are used for repairs. Steer clear from those who put their profit motive first instead of their customers.

2. Same-Day Services

Go for a professional who can offer services on the same day after you call them. Cracks on windshields can spread in an instant—waiting for a specialist to come by days after you had made the call only gives the cracks more time to get bigger.

3. Free Quotes

Signs You’re Dealing with a Bona Fide Windshield Replacement Professional

As a customer, it is your right to know how much the service will cost. Almost all industries should offer free quotes. If you are expected to pay just to check how much the job will cost, it’s better to move on—practices like that are not fair for customers.

4. Many Years in the Business

If a company has been in the industry for a long time, it means that many people trust them. Besides, it is not enough that a windshield replacement company offers affordable services. Thus, you also need to make sure they provide quality work and have been serving clients for several years.

5. Auto Glass Warranty

As with any type of auto body repair service, you need to have a warranty. Offering a warranty means that a company stands by their work. If an issue ever comes up, the professional will gladly deal with it.

6. Insurance Repair

A reputable windshield replacement expert will offer stress-free insurance approval to keep the costs of services low or even free of charge.

7. Mobile Repair

Another convenience offered by an auto glass repair shop that cares about the welfare of their customers is mobile repair. Through this service, they will come to you with all their tools and other necessary parts to repair your car’s broken glass. You no longer have to drop your car off to a shop and wait for your vehicle to be repaired.

Finding the Right Windshield Replacement Company

Above all, when it comes to windshield replacement and other types of auto glass repair, you cannot simply hire the first specialist on the online search results. You need a company with a good track record, reliable customer service, a lot of positive reviews from past customers, and the right certifications and licenses for the job. By working with a trustworthy professional, you’re sure to always end up with high-quality results for a reasonable rate and without major delays.