Like any other industry, the auto industry is constantly being transformed by innovative technologies. An advanced auto body shop utilizes the latest technology and adapts to tech changes. Read on to learn more about four advanced technologies that have begun to be embraced by auto body shops and will likely soon sweep across the industry, nationwide.

Assist System Repairs

With all of the new technology included in modern cars, auto body shops are increasingly having to become well-versed in electronic repairs. There are special considerations to be made when it comes to repairing today’s complex vehicles. The best auto body shops stay on top of new technology, learning how to maintain and repair assist systems and more. As the technology becomes more sensitive and intricate, auto body shops will adapt by becoming even more knowledgeable.

Aluminum Welding

With the advent of aluminum vehicle construction, auto body shops have made advancements in welding this material. Aluminum is becoming an increasingly popular material for vehicle construction. This is because it’s lightweight, especially compared to steel, and can offer better gas mileage to vehicles due to its reduced weight. Because of its composition, repairing aluminum requires specialized tools, training, and experience. An advanced auto body shop makes sure that they’re expertly qualified to repair aluminum.

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Computerized Alignment

Before computerized alignment, realigning the frame of a vehicle would have to be done manually and by eye. This method, while generally reliable, has the potential for human error, leading to misalignments and inconsistencies. For the greatest level of precision, technologically advanced auto body shops are now turning to computerized alignment. With computerized alignment, frames can be straightened to a high degree of uniformity. This allows the car to run evenly and efficiently, and can also ensure that tires receive even wear as they go.

Wireless Technology

Wireless technology is an important and relatively new technology in an advanced auto body shop. Because it allows information to be transmitted instantaneously, wireless technology helps repair technicians to communicate more effectively with their customers and colleagues. Additionally, wireless technology is increasingly being used within diagnostic applications to help technicians accurately identify and repair vehicle damage.

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