Every year, 2.35 million people are injured or disabled from car crashes. The worst part? Injuries aren’t the only thing you need to think about after a car accident. Auto body repair services, collision repair shops, insurance claims, rental vehicles are only some of the things you’ll be dealing with.

If you’ve recently suffered from a car crash, don’t ever delay to get it fixed. You might be safe, but your car isn’t. Here’s everything you need to know why you need post-crash collision repair immediately.

Road Safety

Post-Crash Facts: Why You Need Collision Repair ASAPRegardless of how small the damage appears, there might be internal damage invisible to the naked eye. This could lead to a major malfunction in the future, putting your safety at risk.

A skilled mechanic can check and repair any parts that may have been affected by the impact. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your car is 100% road safe no matter where you go.

Insurance Coverage

In a collision insurance policy, you need to get repairs done as soon as possible so you can keep the coverage. It’s unlikely for insurance providers to offer extra coverage if you’re not willing to keep your car in the best condition.

If you’re making car payments or leasing, your lender will require your insurance to be maintained to protect their investment.

State Inspection

Different states have their own rules when inspecting a vehicle. For instance, any damaged items (i.e. mirrors, lights, etc.) might keep your car from passing inspection. Waiting to get collision repair to pass an inspection could prevent you from renewing your registration.

If that happens, you could get a ticket for driving with an expired registration. The money you will spend on fines could have been spent on the collision repair.

Resale Value

Cars depreciate over time, but a car with dents all over its body depreciates even more.

Potential buyers will always inspect the body before finalizing a purchase. They will check for small dents and bargain on the price. On the other hand, if your car is well-maintained and has a clean body, you can demand a good price for it.

Rust Prevention

Car restorationWhen your car is damaged, moisture can get into the interior, resulting in corrosion or rust.

Rust is the main culprit for structural weakness in cars.  It can shave years off of your vehicle’s lifespan and affect functionality and safety. Corrosion repair is important to restore the structural integrity of your car after an accident.

Prevent Further Damage

A wrecked car will likely have problems with the steering, brakes, engine, and exhaust. These structural concerns can get worse if you put off necessary repairs. Never underestimate small collision problems. Go to your trusted professional immediately if you’ve been in an accident to prevent further damage.

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Find a Collision Repair Expert Today

Always choose an auto collision repair specialist you’re comfortable with. No one else can force you into hiring a shop—even your own insurance company.

Only go to a body shop with years of experience, proper certification, and excellent customer service. These are the shops that offer high-quality services and have a good reputation in the community.

Still not getting a collision repair after the crash? Don’t wait around—call your trusted collision repair experts today.