When you hit your car into a post, building or tree, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll need auto repair.

But what if the problem is not so obvious? What if your car smacks into a curb and it just turns out into a minor collision?

There are many instances when your car needs auto repair, even if there’s no serious damage.

We want to make sure you’re always safe on the roads. If you’re still unsure about getting an emergency auto repair, here are five telltale signs to watch out for.

Unusual or Weird Sounds

You drive your car every day. You know the squeaks, growls, thumps, and any other sound it normally makes. But after getting into a minor collision, observe your car. Are there new noises that you’ve never heard of before? Do you hear an unusual clunking, dinging, or scraping? A different sound may indicate that the rig needs an emergency repair ASAP.

Leaking Fluid

Should I Take My Car in for Emergency Auto Body Repair? 5 Telltale SignsThe car’s undercarriage is the least likely to be damaged in the event of a major collision. It serves as a protective structure for many parts of your car, particularly the lines that carry fluid.

If you see leaking fluid after a collision, the undercarriage might have a problem. Don’t wait for the worst to happen—be sure to have it assessed by an auto repair service immediately.

Steering Problem

Imagine driving along a straight road. You should be able to let go of the steering wheel momentarily, and the vehicle still runs in a straight path. This should be the case unless you’re on a slope or hill.

Is your car pulling to one side or the other? Then there might be a chance that your collision broke the control arm or tire rod. Although it might only seem like an off alignment, it could also indicate that you need auto body repair.

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Small Scratches and Dents

Should I Take My Car in for Emergency Auto Body Repair? 5 Telltale SignsYou see tiny dents and scratches in your car, but it shouldn’t be a big deal, right? Well, you’ve got it wrong.

When the paint chips off in a collision, the metal body of your car gets exposed. That exposed metal will start to rust over time. Even if a small patch of rust is easy to repair, it’s always cheaper to cover chipped paint before it turns into something worse.


Car paint fades over time. It becomes more problematic when certain areas are more affected than others. Fading is a result of weather and UV exposure, and it’s more than just a superficial problem.  Because faded paint is thinner, it is less capable of protecting the metal underbody from elements. This makes your car more prone to corrosion.

Don’t Think Twice, Get Auto Repair NOW

By recognizing the above warning signs, you can protect yourself from unexpected car breakdowns and costly repairs. Pushing collision repairs back will not do your vehicle any good.

Keep yourself and your car safe—only hire a reliable auto repair technician in your area. They can give quick and lasting solutions for any problem, ensuring your car stays road-safe 24/7.

Call your trusted auto repair company today for more information.