Classic car restoration can be an expensive hobby. Even if you do most of the work yourself, you’ll still have to spend money buying the necessary parts. For instance, paint supplies, and whatever else it takes to transform a classic car from a worn-out vehicle into a beautiful masterpiece.

If you have your heart set on an auto restoration project, but you just aren’t sure which cars are best to restore, the following is a list of classic models that you might be interested in. Check them out to learn more.

Buick Riviera 1963-’65

Buick Rivieras from this time period are considered one of the best American auto designs from the post-war period. Simply put, this is one of the most stunning cars from the 60s. These models are definitely worth restoring. Nowadays, many companies produce and offer parts, which makes restoration a lot easier. You can find trim, panel, seat covers, and door panels that are true to the original design.

Chevrolet Bel Air 1953-’54

Many people appreciate this car’s handsomeness. Although it looks conservative, its fine details are quite stylish and unique. If you’re going to restore this model, reproduction parts are still being produced and they’re readily available on the market. And the best part is that the prices are highly affordable! You’re sure to find any electrical and mechanical parts at an affordable price.

AMC AMX 1968-’69

Without a doubt, this is one of the best AMXs ever built, so it’s always been popular. In fact, interest in this model has never been greater. The car’s structure and mechanisms are quite basic, so it’s an easier vehicle for your first auto restoration project. Also, the parts are available whenever you need them, and they interchange with those from the Big Three.

Ford Model A 1928-’31

Ford Model A 1928-’31 is the model of the pre-war era. Since it’s one of the best classic car models in history, you can find any part you need, including all the trim pieces and new body panels. You can also find speed parts like five-speed gearboxes and performance cylinder heads. The hyperproduction of parts for this car simply means that you can find them at a low price. This is also one of the easier models to restore due to its simplified design.

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Ford Mustang 1964-’68

If you’re a newbie to this field, Mustang is a great place to begin your new hobby. Dozens of companies are producing all of its car parts, so you can also find what you need at a lower price than other models. And best of all, you can find Mustang enthusiasts on every corner, so if you get stuck at some point, finding professional help won’t be so hard.

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Classic Car Restoration 101

For a vintage car lover, bringing a car back to life is a satisfying experience. It can become even more rewarding once you’ve earned your return on the investment you made. It’s just that you need to have patience, skills, and of course, all the necessary car parts and tools for the job. But if you don’t want to handle the manual labor on your own, you can reach out to us. California Collision has the best team of experts for car restoration in the Tri-Valley area. Call us today to get started!