You’ve been in a car accident, and you need to choose an auto body shop ASAP.

You start to wonder, “Is there a good body shop near me?”

There are many factors to consider before settling on a collision repair shop—and one of them is location. Choosing an auto body repair shop near you brings lots of benefits. But in some cases, it can lead to unpleasant results.

Here are a few reasons why a nearby auto body shop might do more harm than good.

Outdated Equipment

Not all shops in the business have made the switch to modern, high-tech auto body repair equipment. If you’re far from the city, the collision repair shop near you might still be using outdated tools.

Selecting a shop that uses cutting-edge technology assures you that repairs will be done with extreme precision. Labor hours are also minimized, and the turnaround time is much faster.

Higher Rates

4 Instances It's Not a Good Idea to Choose an Auto Body Shop Closest to HomeLocations guaranteed to attract a higher influx of customers often demand higher rent prices.

Do you live close to a body shop in a high-traffic location? If yes, these shops might offer costly services to compensate for the high overhead costs. The same can be applied to locations with less foot traffic. These areas will likely have lower rent rates.

Good news: businesses in hidden areas can demand lower service rates.

But the bad news is, businesses in hidden areas can invest in advertising to get more visibility—hiking up the overhead costs. Higher overhead costs mean higher service rates for you also.

Now the bottom line is that, if an auto body shop is not within your budget—it’s not best to go for it—even if it means that it’s within proximity.

Lack of Communication Skills and Cleanliness

Independent auto body shops have always been around to serve the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the communication skills of their employees are sometimes a problem.

Smaller shops also tend to lack cleanliness and modern organization techniques larger companies use. This creates a poor impression of new customers.

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Smaller Spaces

Lack of Communication Skills and CleanlinessIf you’re off the beaten path, the auto body shop closest to you might be lacking many things.

Local communities usually have smaller garages. These shops tend to have smaller, somewhat uncomfortable waiting areas.

It’s very different from larger shops that put customer satisfaction first on their list. Bigger shops in the city go above and beyond to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Some even offer a ride or a loaner vehicle for their clients.

Hiring a Body Shop Near Me: Is it a Bad Idea?

Location plays a major role in any business, especially in the auto body repair industry. Hiring a nearby body repair company comes with a lot of perks. But, it also has drawbacks you should be aware of.

There’s nothing wrong with looking around and exploring your options. You don’t always have to hire the first auto body shop you see.

Do your research and try to find shops with years of experience and excellent customer service. Make sure the shop has trained, competent, and certified technicians.

Consider the points above to find the best auto body shop that can cater to your specific needs.