Collisions happen from time to time, and while they’re a part of modern life, they’re still always frustrating and scary. Most car owners worry about how long repairs will take, and what the damage will cost. But, even though you want to get back on the road as soon as possible, there are a few factors that might contribute to delays. Read on to learn about the top 7 issues that cause car repair delays.

The Extent of Damage

Top 7 Things That Can Delay Car Repair

The mechanic will first start by inspecting the extent of the damage so that he or she can estimate a time frame for the repair work. The extent of the damage is the most obvious indication of how long it will take to repair your car.

If your car has sustained both mechanical and cosmetic damage, it might take longer to fix because replacement parts will need to be ordered. On the other hand, if it’s just a slight repair, like a surface scratch or fender bender, then it probably won’t take long at all.

Make and Model of the Car

Another factor to consider is the type of car that needs repair work. This is because different car models require specific replacement parts, which brings us back to the availability of spare parts. Auto repair shops don’t just have all these replacement parts lying around. Of course, more common items will likely be in stock. But, for example, luxury vehicles will be another matter. Similarly, if you opt for factory original parts, then you might have to wait longer because it takes time to import spare parts. Late shipments can also contribute to delays in your car repair.

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Insurance Claims

This is yet another key element that can contribute to a delay in car repair. Many car insurance companies have a poor response time when it comes to such emergencies. You might be required to fill out paperwork before the compensation process begins, which probably means waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

The Auto Repair Shop

Top 7 Things That Can Delay Car Repair

Obviously, the skill of an auto body car repair shop will also contribute to the process. Some car repair shops also staff fewer technicians, which would adversely affect the turnaround time of the repair. This might mean you’ll wait a little longer before your car is back on the road.

Customer Care Service

The quality of the customer care you receive can also determine how long your car repair takes. For instance, delays in timely communication can be stressful, especially when it comes to the shipping of spare parts. Additionally, the mechanic’s office might be slow to get back to you, which can also contribute to delays.

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Unexpected Additional Repairs

Delays can also happen if the mechanic finds other car repair issues once the auto is being worked on. This might require more money and time to fix. When mechanical damage occurs, chances are good that other systems were also affected.

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