Is your car ready for a new paint job? If so, you may be wondering if you should keep the original color or try something new. How much does a custom paint job cost? Is there a difference in cost if you choose a new color? Read on to find out more.

Choosing a Color

Which Auto Paint is More Cost-Efficient: Original vs. New ColorMany companies that specialize in vehicle painting will offer original colors at half or less of what it costs for a custom color paint job. However, there are some other things to consider.

When pricing out a paint job for your car, you will likely be paying for paint as well as labor. Often, less paint is needed for a repaint of the original color. For a new color, though, more paint is required, so this increases the total cost since labor time and the amount of paint is increased.

Because repainting a car necessitates covering the old color, new paint is usually opaque. But, when repainting in the original color, translucent paint can be used. A new color usually produces a richer and more vivid shade than the original color.

Paint Quality

Whether choosing a new color or repainting the original shade, the cost of car repainting depends on the amount of paint that’s used. It also depends on the kind of paint that’s selected. Of course, a high-quality paint will generally cost a bit more. A more budget-friendly paint choice will be less expensive, but it’s lower quality might show in the final results.

Paint Finish

Scheduling an Auto Paint JobRemember, the color you choose is only one component of a custom auto paint job cost. The other factor to consider is the type of finish that you choose for your vehicle’s paint job.

There are generally two options for paint finish. These options are a matte paint finish and a glossy paint finish. A glossy finish is a more traditional choice. This is the paint finish you’re likely used to seeing on vehicles. If you choose a glossy finish for your vehicle, the paint job will look smooth and sleek. A matte finish is a more non-traditional choice. If you choose a matte finish for your vehicle, your car is sure to make an impression. It will be a car people are likely to remember.

Also, the age of your vehicle may play a part in the cost of repainting. Older vehicles are usually not painted a matte finish because it may cause paint to dull in certain areas.

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Scheduling an Auto Paint Job

Repainting your car is a big decision. You may choose to stick with the original color. You may, on the other hand, decide to try something new. If you’re looking to save money, keeping your original color is usually the less expensive choice. However, this decision is up to you. You can paint your car any color you want it to be. Pink? No problem. Lime green? You got it.

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When determining how much a custom auto paint job will cost, there are multiple factors to consider. For more information, or to request a free quote, contact our award-winning team at (925) 261-7335. At California Collision, we can paint your car any color you can imagine.