For car owners, getting into an accident that damages your windshield can make you feel restless. Compared to the typical dent or scrape, a broken windshield technically renders your vehicle undrivable until you get a windshield replacement.

The worst part is, the cost of windshield replacement can go as high as $1,000. You’ll have to pay less than that only if you’re lucky enough to have suffered damage that requires only repair instead of a full windshield replacement. So now that we’ve established how expensive it is, you may be wondering whether or not your insurance will cover the cost.

There’s no clear-cut answer because it actually depends on the damage. You need to figure out first if your auto insurance company covers windshields. Then you need to figure out the type of damage because this will determine whether the glass needs to be repaired or completely replaced.

As a rule of thumb, any crack on the glass that’s bigger than the size of a dollar bill will need to be replaced. You’ll also need a windshield replacement if the chip is in the driver’s line of sight.

Types of Insurance Coverage

1. Comprehensive

Will Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement?Comprehensive coverage will help ensure that, if a rock or any other object hits your windshield, you can have it repaired or replaced and the insurance company will shoulder the cost. What’s great about this type of coverage is that damage caused by theft, hail, falling objects and fire will also be covered.

2. Full Glass

In select states, full glass coverage is offered either as part of comprehensive coverage or in addition to it. With this kind of coverage, you may not be required to pay a deductible for windshield replacement. As mentioned earlier, it’s not available in all states, however, so we suggest checking with your agent first if you’re interested in full glass coverage for your car.

Protecting Yourself Against Faulty Windshield Replacement

One of the major concerns people have about having a full windshield replacement is leaking. Don’t worry–most glass replacements are completed without any problems. Those concerns shouldn’t hinder you from getting a replacement, especially if you use your car everyday.

Take note, however, that as with any vehicular repairs, there are chances that things won’t go as smoothly. Instead of being afraid of that possibility, protect yourself from faulty work. You can do this by getting a guarantee on the glass ahead of time.

The good news is that there are many companies out there that guarantee their work. Reputable glass manufacturers do this because they are confident about the quality of work they provide their customers. It’s also worth noting that insurance companies guarantee the work of their preferred glass company, too.

Still not sure how to find a reliable glass company for your windshield replacement? Ask your insurance agent, or the representative working on your insurance claim about your insurance carrier’s preferred auto glass company. If you encounter any issue with your windshield replacement, it should be taken up with the glass company instead of your insurance company–unless you were unable to resolve the problem by yourself.